What do these performance metrics mean?

The Solar Performance Cluster

Some of the performance metrics show in the live feed above are self explanatory, such as how much energy the system is producing and how many estimated homes we are poweing. But what does the system performance metric mean? Well, this chart compares the actual energy produced versus the expected energy to be produced over the same time period. The expected energy production is based on the forecasted energy that is to be produced over the life of the project. Because solar is an intermittent energy resource the actual energy versus the expected energy will inevitably vary from day to day, month to month and even year to year. There will likely be years where the Slayton Solar Project exceeds expectations and those where it falls short of expectations. But the idea is that over the life of the project, the energy produced should equal or exceed the forecasted energy production.

Crews prepare to drive the system's piers, which are the foundation of the racking system. There is no concrete associated with the installation of the piers.
A racking system that is ready to have modules installed.

the benefits of distributed generation Solar

Distributed generation solar provides benefits that extend beyond the system itself. To learn more about the value and benefits of distributed generation (solar), visit some of the links below.